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Strong-Robinette Machine Corporation was incorporated in Bristol, Tennessee, on May 28, 1985. Three brothers began the business with J. Alan Robinette as President, Nolan R Robinette as Vice President, and John M. Robinette as Secretary-Treasurer.

Strong-Robinette Machine Corporation began as the Machinery Division of Strong-Robinette Bag Co., Inc. in the mid-1970’s, making the sewing equipment for its own plant as well as selling to other multiwall bag manufacturers. Alan Robinette was responsible for the development of sewing tables, automatic feeders, and counter-stackers for sewing lines. In 1979 Nolan Robinette joined the firm bringing an expertise in electrical knowledge, thus enabling this new equipment to be built 100% in-house.

The multiwall bag business in the 1980’s brought a need for high speed feeders for pinch bottom lines and accumulators for tubers. This demand brought the sale of many Model 2000 Feeders and Tube Stacking Conveyors across the United States and also in other parts of the world. In 1985 John Robinette joined Alan and Nolan to form Strong-Robinette Machine Corporation before Strong-Robinette Bag Co., Inc. was purchased by Stone Container Corporation. Increasing speeds in pinch bottom production created the need for the Model 3000 Feeder and Model 3100 Registration Unit in the late 1980’s. In the 1990’s, Strong-Robinette Machine Corporation moved into the development of heavier machines such as tubers and pinch bottomers. This movement began in 1991 with the introduction of Model 4300 Flush Cut Tuber and continued with the Model 3200 Pinch Bottomer in 1994 and the model 5300-SU Universal Tuber in 1995.

Now Strong-Robinette Machine Corporation is continuing to offer customers the highest quality in multiwall bag-making equipment ranging from small single deck feeders to 5 and 6 ply universal tubers.

Strong-Robinette Machine Corporation currently manufactures a complete line of multiwall bag making equipment:

  • Model 4300 4-Ply Flush Cut Tuber
  • Model 5300 5-Ply Flush Cut Tuber
  • Model 3300-SU 3-Ply Stepped End Universal Tuber
  • Model 4300-SU 3-Ply Stepped End Universal Tuber
  • Model 5300-SU 3-Ply Stepped End Universal Tuber
  • Model 6300-SU 3-Ply Stepped End Universal Tuber
  • Model 3200 Complete Pinch Bottom Line
  • Model 3000 Triple Deck Pinch Bottom Feeder
  • Model 2000 Double Deck Pinch Bottom Feeder
  • Model 1000 Single Deck Sewn Tube Feeder
  • Quick-Change Sewing Table
  • Quick-Change Counter-Stacker
  • Quick-Change Dual Head Sewing Table (for sewn valve bags)
  • Economy Chain Lug Sewing Table
  • Model 200 Printing Cylinder Cart (Push Model/Electric Lift)
  • Model 300 Printing Cylinder Cart (Driven/Electric Lift)
  • Heavy Duty Pallet Turntable
  • Heavy Duty Pneumatic Turntable
  • Tube Stacking Conveyor (fits on end of any tuber brand)
  • Tube Pressing Conveyor (for flattening pasted valve bags)
  • Model 3100 Registration Table (for registering tubes for any brand pinch bottomer)
  • Heat Seal Machine, 2 Stage (for heat sealing PE lined bags)
  • Heat Seal Machine, 3 Stage (for heat sealing PE lined bags)
  • Model 360 Bag baler (for baling and wrapping small consumer bags)
  • Model 460 Large Bag Baler (for baling and wrapping small consumer bags)
  • Tape Over Stitch (TOS) unit
  • Plastic Handle Inserting Unit (can fit on any brand sewing table)


Key employees of Strong-Robinette Machine Corporation are:

  • J. Alan Robinette, President–In addition to administrative functions, is involved in designing new equipment
  • Nolan R. Robinette, Vice President–In addition to administrative functions, is involved in electrical and mechanical innovation relating to our equipment
  • John M. Robinette, Secretary-Treasurer–Machinery sales and office management
  • J. Martin Robinette Jr., Purchasing Manager–purchases raw materials and component parts
  • Becky J. Fleenor, Office–Secretary-Receptionist–also handles invoicing, parts shipping, parts inventory, etc.


In addition, 12 more key employees are in the shop area for manufacturing parts and the assembly of machines.

SRMC has a history of steady growth and innovative machine designing, and this trend will continue into the immediate future with new machines such as a new tuber designed specifically for pinch bottom bags.

For more information contact Strong-Robinette Machine Corporation at Bristol, TN:

Phone: 423-968-1425
Fax: 423-968-1744
Email: strongrob@aol.com